Sunday, April 20

Rejection 1, Submission 2

Form rejection from Black Static for The Ruined Lady.

I've been struggling to find anywhere that takes ghost stories; most mags that take horror have something rather different in mind. So advice from friends, I'm going to try a few more mainstream markets; after all, The Ruined Lady has only a touch of the supernatural.

Of course, 'mainstream' is a huge and slightly frightening category. I suddenly find myself very grateful towards that copy of Mslexa that I bought; nice little submissions section in the back. I was a little surprised (and disappointed) in how many turned out to be American, since this really isn't a story that'll sell easily to an American market, but the first journal that caught my eyes is, after some deliberation, the one I'm submitting to: Riptide Journal. I'm also buying a copy of volume one, because it looks really good! I've also requested (and will send a cheque for) feedback; I don't mind form rejections, but I'd rather see where I'm going wrong from an industry viewpoint.

Nothing on Asylum or Exoticism yet. I have another day off work tomorrow, so I'll try and make a more contenty post; probably some more book reviews.

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Katey said...

That's the real pain in the ass about this whole submission thing. I know for a fact, having had the pleasure of getting a sneak peek at the piece in question, that it's really damn good. But is it EXACTLY what these esoteric, superfocused publications are looking for? We never know 'til we've jumped in head first.

Either way, I'm sure this one will find a home. Just irritating to have to wander around searching for it. Oh the joys of writing!