Sunday, August 3

Almost ready to go

Some wonderful advice on writing (nabbed from Redlines and Deadlines):

"Persevere, develop a thick skin, get a blog and invest in your greatest vice as it will get you through the hard times."
Amarinda Jones

The selkie story (still lacking a decent title) is doing the proofreading rounds. If anyone wants to proof an 18,000 word m/m erotic novel about an artist who rescues a mute young man from a storm, to learn that he's a shapeshifter, comment!

I was planning to submit to Cobblestone, but having read a few of their gay and paranormal romances, I'm slightly less keen. They're alright, but both of those I've started so far are clunky and a little blunt. Ellora's Cave seem deserving of their reputation; those I've read so far have been hard to put down. Also, being larger and better known, they tend to sell well!

However, the submissions process for EC is geared towards longer books. They want the first three chapters and a two+ page summary. The selkie thing has two parts and an epilogue, and I don't know if I can make a summary last two pages.

I guess that's a task for today; a good excuse to try and ignore all the things I have to do in order to move one antique solid oak huge wardrobe from my room to the living room (we're going to keep DVDs in it!). Including cook dinner for those who are moving it.

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