Sunday, September 7

submission and a website update

I've submitted Pluvial (elderly man finds haunted watch) to Dark Recesses, since they sent me a personal rejection for Asylum and suggested I submit something else. Considering they had Asylum so long I forgot about it last time, I'm preparing to wave goodbye to Pluvial for a while!

I've stumbled across The Willows, who I really wish I had something for. If I wasn't working on another romance novella, I'd start on that now; I have two more short horrors in rough draft, but I don't think either could be editted to fit.

I've updated the website too, shock horror! A short piece I wrote deliberately for it, though it's going to end up in Word Salad and Art Chips anyway. I want to update the website with some regularly (or, at least, make sure it doesn't leave a visiter with the impression it's been abandoned), so I intend to write seasonal stories. The first is autumnal and - surprise surprise - it's a horror. Inspired by Hans Belmer's dolls, which are creepy enough on their own. And it's a pdf, because I felt like it. I might make little annual anthologies out of them, but we'll see.

Anyway: Porcelain

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katey said...

Loved the doll story-- very cool and careful use of place and the sensation of time. Totally creepy. That's a fabulous idea to have seasonal stories, gives us something to look forward to!