Monday, November 10

Competition and Submissions

No luck with the Aesthetica competition (who only just scraped the email through one their own much altered deadline). Shame, I was batting my eyes at that £500 prize! I have less work this month, which really means I ought to have more time to write, but I've got so used to writing in my notebook that I find myself avoiding typing things up. Luckily, days at home are quite boring, so I've got some done today, and I'm mini-nano-ing away on another short story.

I'm submitting Ruin and Exoticism to Clockwork Phoenix now. I'm alsogoing to look for somewhere for 'Another Summer's Day' and 'Unsent Letters', both of which went to Aesthetica, because it'd be good to start reaching outside of the ghost story genre again. I scribbled a little two page thing in the notebook the other day, on the basis that the kind of magazines that are always lying around at work usually have a single page story (and not always a very good one). It's something else to try, anyway.

I wonder if typing up old stories counts towards mini-nanowrimo?

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