Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year!

New Years also demand new resolutions, but like most people, I tend to recycle the old ones. They're perfectly servicable, after all:

1 - Keep Writing
2 - Keep Revising
3 - Keep Submitting

However, I've been struggling to find a work to describe where I want to go with my writing. Too vague to be goals, too specific to be ambitions. 'Resolutions' fits perfectly. So, here are my long term resolutions:

1 - Write approx 3 Erotic novellas, and several short stories
(Selkie, Bliss, another, and WolfSpider and other short stories)

2 - Write at least 2 pulpy adventure stories
(The Dark, that moon-out-of-sync idea...)

3 - Complete at least one Greenhelm trilogy
(fairly striaghtforward, that one)

4 - Write 3 children's/young adult stories
(House with Too Many Doors, Tower in the Wood, Deliberate Changeling)

5 - Write approx 20 ghost stories. Get at least 10 published, then consider anthologies
(though evidence suggests I might need to get all 20 published before thinking of anthologies...)

One day, I'd like to come back and strikeout the ones I've achieved, like I did with yesterday's cleaning list!

A good way to start a new year: with a submission! I discovered Flashes in the Dark about, oh, ten minutes ago, and I've sent Trapped to them. Ruin came back from All Hallows yesterday, and I'm going to send Pluvial to them soon.

I also edited an chapter of Greenhelm and a chapter of The Dark. Greenhelm has been much neglected of late, and I've been putting off The Dark because I've made a decision to change the setting, which of course requires a lot of minor changes. I was never comfortable setting it in Lesotho, so I've moved it to a fictional island in the South Pacific.

I spent most of today making enough chicken soup to last me the month. Also, a huge pan of beef and bean chilli. No more cooking for me in January!

ETA: And Trapped has been accepted! That's insanely prompt ^_^ It will appear on the site on the 23rd of January!

Edit again: I've updated the site to reflect this. I've also instigated the most recent rejig (I really have to learn to leave the layout alone!) which splits the writing up by pseudonym. I've also included Winter08's site-specific story, which was originally written thanks to prompts at the_literatzzi.

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katey said...

What a way to begin the New Year! *dance*